Always tuck things in your pockets…

Unless something is about to go in the washing machine, then empty your pockets…

But if you hop off the train after lunch with a friend that went on for 3 hours, tuck the ticket in your jacket pocket.

If you’ve been to the cinema, slip a popcorn smudged flier in the side pocket of your rucksack.

Or keep a scribbled loved-up post-it note from the other half, and slot it in the pages of a favourite book.

Simple things like that.

One day you might stumble on them accidentally, and happy memories come tumbling back.

Like tonight, I just found the receipt for a Thai takeaway & time travelled back to a summer night of torrential rain. (Well it is traditional for a British seaside holiday, and we were in Cromer.)

Drenched by soggy downpours, we stood outside Bann Thai and awaited our order, huddling together under a tiny umbrella and joking about being soaked by more water than they used in the film Aquaman.

Then like a magic spell, our name was called & we dashed back to the Air BnB carrying steaming tubs of ridiculously delicious green & red curries. Wrapped in towels, we feasted & warmed ourselves from the inside out.

Who needs sunshine on a Norfolk beach, when you’ve got the chilli heat of the finest Thai food outside of Bangkok. Free chocolates too.

It’s the last half few minutes of November, I can hear the rain outside now. But if I close my eyes, I’m back in Cromer… wondering if they deliver to the Midlands this late…

Photo thanks to Unsplash, Natural Chef.