Enchanted moments on the bus & cheesy fingertips…

Random chance moments can be like pure gold in an otherwise pretty average day.

Sometimes they come from nature, like when you see an urban fox gingerly padding around your garden, or a scrappy little blue tit land on your bird feeder, with newly grown punk rock feathers.

Sometimes they come from the amazing human beings that we share this planet with. It’s always good to cherish them.

On the bus yesterday, shortly after a vicious row between two passengers sitting at the back, I noticed a young Mum got on the bus with a little toddler in a pram. They both had the same stunning corkscrew curls that I used to try to coax my straggly hair into, using pink foam pipe cleaner things from Bearwood market in the 1980’s. Never quite worked, nor did the poodle home perm, but I digress!

This beautiful young Mum and her toddler were sharing a packet of Aldi’s cheese puff crisps, and the little one was absolutely captivated by the noise the scrunchy bag made, and examining how her tiny fingers were covered in bright orange cheesy powder, then she’d delicately taste before nibbling another cheese puff.

There was such a gentle and loving bond between the two of them, contented in their bubble of togetherness and oblivious to the angry shouting they’d just missed.

It was pure joy to watch, and I beamed at the Mum as we began a conversation. The whole atmosphere on the bus had softened and tensions dissolved as these two amazing human beings joined us.

It also made me peckish for cheesy crisps!

Then this morning, as I opened the bedroom window, I spotted a neighbour gently holding his baby up to touch the leaves of a tree. I’ll let you imagine the sense of pure wonder on the face of the baby and the pure love shining on the face of the young Dad.

With these two glimpses of all that is wonderful in the world, I have faith that there is still enchantment and magic to be found, on the bus or through your window. It’s there to bolster us against all the harsh and difficult things in the world.

These tender moments of grace, love, wonder, and cheesy crisps are to be cherished.

These glimpses were of two young parents raising future generations with such care and patient attention. Both were utterly ‘in the moment’, sharing precious everyday miracles with their children.

Luckily I got to witness them and I hope you get to see something equally wonderful today. Keep looking and you’ll happen on these tiny moments of effortless Mindfulness. I wish you a September full of them.

Now, where did I put the cheesy crisps…

http://Image Thanks to Janko Ferlic at Unsplash