Nan-Zen Mindfulness

‘Photo by my friend Simon, who’s brilliant at stone balancing.’

Nan-Zen Mindfulness is where Eastern wisdom traditions combine with the common sense, warmth and humour of your Nan. ‘We can’t cushion the world. But a mindfulness practice can be like putting slippers on to protect yourself. And maybe a vest. My Nan was a big fan of vests.’ says Charlie.

Mindfulness is something Charlie has practised since discovering the work of Thich Nhat Hanh, as a teenager and young carer. Over the years she has studied with many wise teachers, in workshops and on meditation retreats. Always packing bars of chocolate along with the books. She credits Mindfulness with keeping grounded through a long career in the media, and has been integrating it with writing practices and workshops for 15 yrs.

Working with Dudley Healthy Schools and Creative Health CIC, Charlie ran a ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’ project with primary schools. This combined mindfulness practices and writing techniques to boost the wellbeing of pupils, and create a calming classroom environment. With Writing West Midlands, Charlie brought ‘Mindfulness Writing’ to a sold out Festival audience, and has continued to work with Midlands writers and creatives with further sessions since. Ancient texts, cups of tea, cotton wool clouds, meditation and Jason Momoa; there are endless wells of inspiration to draw from…

Alongside work with community groups, businesses asked Charlie to develop a series of new Zoom workshop sessions for 2020. These focus on how Mindfulness and Creativity help us navigate change and uncertainty. They have been helping companies manage the wellbeing of their teams, and provide a toolkit of techniques that work in the real world. Sessions are always accessible, relaxed and with a light touch. Charlie’s lockdown home haircuts help increase the laughter…

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‘Charlie Jordan is now the one I regularly hire for my own workshop series when I need a session that will both lift and focus students. In between my own sessions, though, I’ve become a regular at hers. I get that same lift and focus, but she also has this way of energising you behind your back. I’ll come in exhausted, have a warmly relaxing time, and somehow at the end I’m racing to write.’

William Gallagher, deputy chair, Writers’ Guild of Great Britain

‘Charlie is the epitome of calm. She’s a great listener who brings compassion, humour and insight into every conversation. She’s always open, balanced and ready for the unexpected with effortless serenity.’


‘During ‘lockdown’ my team had been working from home for a long time, so naturally as an employer, we wanted to provide as much support as possible from an operational and wellbeing perspective. I knew that Charlie provided mindfulness classes on a face to face basis to businesses, but wasn’t sure if she would be able to do the same via Zoom, remotely. We decided to engage Charlie to see if this could be done and to make sure that it would be an effective way of providing this service to the team. From the first session Charlie ran, everybody was made to feel at ease and it was presented in a manner that helped to alleviate fears of this being some form of ‘hippy’ experience. We continued to have further sessions over the weeks ahead and the team really looked forward to each one and took away some really helpful hints and tips each time to help them truly focus on themselves to enable a release of stress and anxiety. Without question, Charlie’s relaxed and fun way of delivering these sessions, really helped the team to bond, relax and unwind after a heavy week of work, going into the weekend with some new tools to help relieve tensions and stresses. A service I would whole heartedly recommend to everyone, both personally and businesses alike. Thank you Charlie, for providing such a wonderful experience.’

Matt Holden-Jones, H-J Wealth Planning.

‘Charlie is your go-to set of sympathetic ears; your non-judgemental sister; your wise mother; your caring and considerate fellow human. She is built from calmness and common sense with a liberal helping of laughter, which she readily shares. You get the feeling that she has seen it all and knows most of the answers. An inspirational woman, a delight to work with and a pleasure to share her company.’